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And suddenly,
data triggers emotion.

How can we increase your market proximity?

Better. More. Quicker.

Let BMQ Partners inspire your customer’s journey.

When customers virtuously combine digital and analogue touchpoints on their journey, even the best mom-and-pop store can’t keep up. Today’s customers expect a consistent appearance from companies across all touchpoints. Those companies that combine customer understanding, originality and the use of marketing technology will differentiate themselves, delighting customers on their journey.

Marketing as a Service

Customer Discovery

We refine: which and whose problem does your offer solve?


→ Persona Workshop

→ Customer Journey Management

→ Positioning

→ Product Launches

Strategy & Content

We deliver relevant content to the customer journey.


→ Content Marketing

→ Social Media Marketing

→ Public Relations (PR)

→ Growth Hacking

Data & MarTech

We generate customer-centric decisions.


→ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

→ Analytics and Insights

→ Website Reviews

→ Tool Checkup

Innovate & Educate

We’ll take you step by step to the next level.


→ Next Level Marketing Workshop

→ CMO Coaching

→ Agile Marketing-Organisation

→ Design Thinking

→ Education

What emotions lurk in your data?

Customers use all the new digital possibilities, so marketing becomes more technical, more specialised. How do we keep up with the customers?


The key to success is the consistent collection and use of customer data and automation for relevant, accurate and personalised marketing.


Are you missing a smart data strategy? Are you overwhelmed by the explosion of marketing technologies? We will gladly navigate you through the MarTech landscape.

Effectively used, customer data and MarTech are the keys to success.

The goal

Stronger data. Clearer decisions.
Sustainable growth.

Build, Measure and Learn – the agile approach increases the responsiveness of marketing organisations
Build, Measure and Learn – the agile approach increases the responsiveness of marketing organisations

Agile into the future

By accelerating processes, increasing innovative strength: using these proven methods and an iterative approach, we can help companies become more agile.


The goal is more data, qualified decisions and long-term growth.

What inspires us?

The growing complexity and increasing dynamics require new coping strategies – rather small experiments instead of a big, slow plan; more knowledge about customers instead of opinions. The agile marketing manifesto is our source of inspiration.

Which challenge do you want to master?

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